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Plano Collin Nepalese Leo Club

HimalayaKhabar / Texas | २०७७ आषाढ २२, सोमबार १३:५२

Texas (America)-Plano Collin Nepalese Leo Club (PCNLC) is a newly chartered Alpha Leo Club for ...

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BDA hosted a virtual event to celebrate World Blood Donor Day

- Lila Shrestha / HimalayaKhabar / June 14th, 2020 | २०७७ आषाढ ९, मंगलवार १५:३१

Dallas (Texas) – Blood Donors of America (BDA) hosted a virtual event to celebrate World ...

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Gautama Buddha: the Epitome of Humanity and Knowledge Sharing

| २०७७ बैशाख ६, शनिबार १८:५३

Founding President and Trustee, Nepalese Association of Houston (NAH) Director, Fellow and ...

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International Students and University fighting together with Corona Virus in Hubei

HimalayaKhabar News Correspondent | २०७६ फाल्गुन २५, आईतवार २१:०२

I am Ribesh Khanal from Nepal. I am currently doing Master’s in Public Administration in ...

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Nepal invites India, USA, China and Russia’s military to climb Mt Everest

| २०७६ फाल्गुन २२, बिहीवार १४:४७

MOSCOW - The Defence Ministry of Nepal has invited militaries of India, China, and the ...

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Federal agency launches new online form for reporting immigration fraud

| २०७६ फाल्गुन २२, बिहीवार १४:४५

WASHINGTON — U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services today launched a new online tip ...

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Bioethics conference in California,USA welcomes Visit Nepal 2020

HimalayaKhabar News | २०७६ फाल्गुन १०, शनिबार २२:४८

California - On 22-24 February 2020 the American University of Soveriegn Nations (AUSN) ...

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Plano Collin Nepalese Lions Club successfully completed its Lion Year 2018-2019

HIMALAYA KHABAR | २०७६ आषाढ १६, सोमबार १९:२४

Texas (America)- Plano Collin Nepalese Lions Club wrapped up its Lion Year 2018-2019 on June 30, ...

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Afghanistan donates $1 million to UN agency for Palestinians

Associated Press | २०७५ फाल्गुन १९, आईतवार ०७:१९

ISTANBUL - Afghanistan has given $1 million to the main U.N. program for Palestinian ...

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'Man storms cockpit in an attempt to hijack Bangladeshi plane'

Agencies | २०७५ फाल्गुन १२, आईतवार ०६:२७

DHAKA - A plane bound for Dubai has made an emergency landing in Chittagong, Bangladesh after an ...

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Soldiers unleash tear gas amid tension on Venezuela’s border

Associated Press | २०७५ फाल्गुन ११, शनिबार ११:०१

CUCUTA -  Venezuela’s National Guard fired tear gas on residents clearing a ...

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US military planes land near Venezuela border with aid

Associated Press | २०७५ फाल्गुन ५, आईतवार ०८:४३

CUCUTA - The U.S. military airlifted tons of humanitarian aid to a Colombian town on the ...

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Trudeau cabinet minister resigns amid controversy

Associated Press | २०७५ फाल्गुन १, बुधवार ०७:२१

TORONTO -  Canada’s former justice minister announced Tuesday that she was quitting ...

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TSA officer jumps to his death at Orlando airport

Associated Press | २०७५ माघ २०, आईतवार १२:०६

ORLANDO - An officer from the Transportation Security Administration jumped to his death from a ...

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Trump suspends arms treaty, citing Chinese, Russian threats

Associated Press | २०७५ माघ १९, शनिबार १३:२९

WASHINGTON - The Trump administration is pulling the plug on a decades-old nuclear arms ...

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Pompeo says team heading to Asia for 2nd Trump-Kim summit

Associated Press | २०७५ माघ १७, बिहीवार ०७:३९

WASHINGTON - Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says he is sending a team “someplace in ...

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Venezuela’s Maduro offers to negotiate with opposition

Associated Press | २०७५ माघ १६, बुधवार १४:१९

MOSCOW - More than a week into a standoff with the opposition, Venezuelan President Nicolas ...

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40 dead, many feared buried in mud after Brazil dam collapse

Associated Press | २०७५ माघ १३, आईतवार ०७:०७

BRUMADINHO, Jan 27: The death toll from the collapse of a dam holding back mine waste in ...

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Longest shutdown over: Trump signs bill to reopen government

Associated Press | २०७५ माघ १२, शनिबार ०९:३९

WASHINGTON, Jan 26: Submitting to mounting pressure amid growing disruption, President Donald ...

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Plano Collin Nepalese Charter Night

Reported by: Lion Aarati Regmi, PCNLC | २०७५ माघ ७, सोमबार ०९:०३

Texas(America)- Plano Collin Nepalese Lions Club (PCNLC) organized its Charter Night celebration ...

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PCNLC to Celebrate Charter Night on January 19th

HimalayaKhabar, Texas | २०७५ माघ २, बुधवार ०९:४६

Texas (Plano) - Plano Collin Nepalese Lions Club (PCNLC), a newly chartered Lions Club, will be ...

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Plano Collin Nepalese Lions Club (PCNLC) in Service Activities

HimalayaKhabar, Texas | २०७५ कार्तिक २८, बुधवार १७:४९

Texas (America)- Plano Collin Lions Club received twelve boxes of toys (estimated over 1000 ...

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Plano Collin Nepalese Lions Club Participated in Arbor Day Celebration (Allen) with “Keep Allen Beautiful,” City of Allen

HimalayaKhabar | २०७५ कार्तिक १०, शनिबार १४:२१

Texas (Americ)- Plano Collin Nepalese Lions Club (PCNLC), a recently chartered Lions Club under ...

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Dallas Gurkhas to organize Dashain Cup 2018

- By Himalaya Khabar | २०७५ आस्विन १९, शुक्रबार २२:५१

Dallas (USA) - Dallas Gurkhas club is all set to organize the seventh annual Dashain cup on ...

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Blood Drive in Plano, Texas

HimalayaKhabar | २०७५ आस्विन १४, आईतवार ०८:४१

Texas(America)- Several service-minded people, mostly living in North Dallas, have initiated ...

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Bringing American Communities Together Through International Folk Arts : Koirala

Himalayan Khabar | २०७५ भाद्र ४, सोमबार १५:४५

Dallas (Texas)- Folk Dance is a symbol of the typical Nepalese Society but before 15/20 years it ...

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Service Minded People Gathered In McKinney, Texas, To Establish A Lions Club in District 2-X1

HimalayaKhabar, Texas | २०७५ श्रावण १३, आईतवार ०६:४९

A group of people, with passion in social works, living mostly in North Dallas Cities (Plano, ...

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UNCON Appreciation Day - A Grand Success

HimalayaKhabar | २०७४ भाद्र २७, मंगलवार ०५:३६

Texas(America)- USA Nepal Community Outreach Network (UNCON) successfully organized a UNCON ...

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कांग्रेस र माओवादी केन्द्रले गरे चार महानगरको उम्मेदवार चयन

| २०७४ बैशाख १९, मंगलवार ०४:१७

काठमाडौँ । नेपाली काँग्रेसले स्थानीय तहको पहिलो चरणको निर्वाचनका लागि मुलुकका चारै महानगरपालिकामा पार्टीका आधिकारिक उम्मेदवार चयन गरेको छ ।    दुई दिनदेखि जारी काँग्रेस ...

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UNCON Volunteer Appreciation and Community Service Event – March 11, 2017

हिमालयखवर संवाददाता- | २०७३ चैत्र २, बुधवार १८:४६

USA-Nepal Community Outreach Network (UNCON) organized a full day Volunteer Appreciation and Community Service Event at the Oak Point Park Nature & Retreat Center in Plano on March 11, 2017. The full day event was a combination of different segments that included blood drive, support to Samaritan Inn, support to Plano ISD CORE store, presentation of UNCON activities and appreciation to community volunteers (main segment).   Plano City Council Member Honorable Rick Grady was ...

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